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Clean Your Makeup Brushes Within a Minute

Cleaning your makeup brushes is necessary to keep bacteria and old makeup from clogging pores…but what’s actually the best way to clean them a faster way.

* Make sure your brushes not wet
* Take a color cleaner
* Round the brushes on the sponge
* And its clean the old makeup colors



What happens to the skin using dirty brushes?

Are you one of those people who does all the right things and then can’t explain why you’ve got rashes and bruises, take a look at the equipment you ‘re using to apply your goods. Breakouts, inflammation, and skin discomfort will create regular grime from our makeup brushes. The same also holds true with the makeup blender. The bouncy sponge can hold just as much filth (if not more) as a towel and should be thoroughly washed and replaced every 3 months. “Sponges, Caroline claims, are a no-go for the makeup expert.

What’s on our brushes?

You may see the remnants of the mites on your brushes under the microscope. Most of us have these tiny creatures, about a third of a millimeter long, living off old skin cells and sebum, residing at the base of our eyelashes and nose hairs. They are usually considered harmless but can involve themselves in acne. Bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus as well as fungi, are also harmless to the naked eye. It sounds frightening, however, most of these are not dangerous if you have intact the skin coupled with its normal protecting acid mantle.

Step by Step Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Wash: Hand washes hair in lukewarm water with antibacterial soap or silicone-free baby shampoo. Fluid washing up is not appropriate as a last resort. It removes all grease brushes but it can be rough on the long-term natural hair. Dip. brush independently under running water, then spray in a bowl of gentle shampoo or soap and finger gently to provide a strong lather for a few minutes.

Swirl: Keep the brushes under running water and test until no lather is left on it. Hold for another 2-3 seconds to ensure they are clean and sparkling. If I’m in a hurry I use Shopee Online’s Express Brush paint cleaner RM9. It has saved me hours of brush cleaning time as you run brushes on the mat around the small plastic teeth and in at least half of the time, it removes them.

Repeat: I repeat the cycle if there is still residue on the brush. When not, I suck out the water from the brush and lay it to dry flat on a towel next to the tub. This means that the water is not running into the handle, or damaging the wood or losing glue. I like spraying them with lavender too and they smell wonderful.

Dry: Lastly dry it properly and ready to use. If it smell bad then not good.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes



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