Magic Eyelashes Tools For Beginners
Magic Eyelashes Tools For Beginners

Magic Eyelashes Tools For Beginners

First, Trim each stripe of the eyelash

First of all, start with some inexpensive lashes with this one because after buying some silky mink sets you may have a heart attack — and then I’m here, ordering you to sever them. Measure the strip against your eyelid, and change the excess (not when it is against your eye, good lord). You can use the extra bit to stack on the lash strip at the outer corners of your eye for extra va va voom if you want, or you can use it if you just want to put a little more emphasis on top of your natural outer lashes, like a train dress.

Strategically add the lash-glue 

In other words, don’t just globular it and add it to your eyelid immediately. You have to wait a little bit to let the glue dry-but not too much. I suggest that this should be done for about 40 seconds, enough to leave it smelling tacky but not sweaty. She showed me a little trick she does during that 40 seconds, where she bends the strip to kiss the ends, better distribute the adhesive to the ends so they don’t lift up while you’re wearing them. So simple, so cutting-edge.

Use the magic eyelash tools

Hold the eyelashes with the tools look at the look downwards into a mirror, not straight ahead. Put the eyelashes just middle on your eyeballs. leave it there for 5/6 seconds. Now fix the sides with the same tools. Done the most difficult part which is putting eyelashes. For beginners, it’s the most challenging part.

Use eyeliner to the inner corner

Now that you have your lashes on, there’s a key move here to make your strip lashes look less visible as if you’re wearing strip lashes. Take your trusty liquid liner and draw a line extending the band to the inner corner of your eye from where it starts. If you want a winged look, you can even flip out the end but that is more just to match the band line to your lash line.

Take your fake lashes off 

You need to learn how to properly extract your artificial eyelashes to prevent any damage to your real lashes. Soak a cotton bud in an oil-free makeup remover and apply it straight to the lash glue to clear. Then you should be able to peel the false lash strip from your eyelid with care. Mind that taking the time to carefully remove your artificial lashes would help make sure your real lashes stay in the best possible shape. If you wash and clean them properly, you will usually get several uses from one pair of fake eyelashes.

Using an oil-free makeup remover to gently strip any residual mascara or wax from your synthetic lashes, then wash them in warm water and allow them to dry out naturally. Once dry, put your fake eyelashes back in their packets so that they can be safely stored until you want to use them again.

Magic Eyelashes Tools For Beginners


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