7 Magic Eye Relaxing Pack

7 Magic Eye Relaxing Pack

Don’t you think this lockdown period you are spending most of your time watching mobile devices and TV !! So all these make your eyes stressed. Here I have some quick remedy for your stress eyes which you can make an eye mask with home ingredients.

Coconut Eye Mask

Coconut oil is the most beneficial and effective for removing dark circles or heavy bags around the eyes. Massage just a few drops of it under your eyes to get rid of the dark circles. You may have to do that every day to get faster outcomes.

Coffee Mask

Coffee eye Mask

And yet another remedy for endless lash and coffee mask worth trying. For only three ingredients, you’ll need one spoonful of coffee, one spoonful of sugar, and one tablespoon of vitamin E oil that’s perfect for the face. You need to make your coffee first, then be sure to allow it to cool down. You’ll then apply both the honey and vitamin E oil to the milk, then drop the cotton pads into the mix. Do the same for these plates, and lock them in a container before the moment you decide to use them. So these will only wear for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Rose Water Eye Mask

rose water eye mask

This works better for stressed eyes. Once put on the eyes for a span of 15 minutes, a cotton pad drenched in pure rose water produces a calming effect and helps to relieve skin. It can also may puffiness in the head.

Tea Bags as Eye Masks

tea bag eye

A perfect cure for dark and sleepy eyes is tea bags such as green tea, black tea, and various other herbal teas. Placed some used tea bags 5 to 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Then wet your eyes with the tea bags for 10-15 minutes. This is one of the best home remedies for removing the darkness and swelling around your eyes.

Cucumber Eye Mask

Cucumber facial

It is the most commonly used eye relaxation mask. Cucumber is popular for its relaxing impact. Frequent application of this mask will reenergize the eyes and make them appear totally new. Place the cucumber in the refrigerator and let it cool for half an hour, then spread it thinly around your body. It washes it off with cold water after 30 minutes.

Aloe Vera and Carrot Mask

To complete our list of the best DIY eye masks, you’ll need to take an aloe vera and carrot mask if you’re fighting dark circles.

Another surprising combination, but one that will produce magic for your hair, you’ll need an egg white, a teaspoon of shredded carrot, and an aloe vera teaspoon.
An infinite-lash formula, you’ll simply add the three ingredients in a bowl and use a brush for about 20 minutes to add the mixture. A mask full of vitamin A, your skin will never look rejuvenated any further.

Another surprising combination, but one that will produce magic for your hair, you’ll need an egg white, a teaspoon of shredded carrot, and an aloe vera brush.

Potato and Mint Mask

Next, this infinite lash recipe on our list of the best DIY eye masks calls for a few mint leaves (five to six,) one potatoes and a pair of cotton pads.
Combine the potato and mint after the potato skins have been added, then apply a little water to smooth the combine. You’ll then drop the cotton pads into the mixture and place them in a jar to freeze. Place them over your eyes as you go to use the pads and let them stay for about 25 minutes.



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