Hello, lovely ladies! I didn’t intend to write anything tonight, but I just got these little palettes of Huda Makeup Nude Obsessions in the box! Huda Beauty just came out with these nude-themed palettes, adding to their Obsessions series. There are a total of three versions labeled “light,” “medium,” and “rich,” which I think is amazing since the story of a nude color will not be the same for every skin color.

A light color story might look too ashy for someone with a darker complexion, while a rich
color story may be too black for anyone with a fairer complexion to use as a nude palette. I think it’s also awesome that for those of us who are in-between colors, there are not only light and rich color stories but also a medium. I consider all three palettes very gorgeous and breathtaking, so I’m excited to share it with all of you!


I absolutely love these eyeshadow formulations. They ‘re very pigmented, and smooth butter. In reality, the shimmers in these palettes sparkle in the light like one of those video gleam filters. Some of the very dark mattes have swatched a little streaky, but the paint is constructible and seems to work well in the skin. Most mattes were extremely
well girth, and super pigmented. I think the eyeshadows in those palettes are smoother and more pigmented than the original palettes of Obsessions that I love already.
I love how Huda Beauty took on a nude palette idea and gave it a new touch of glamour.


Based on the perfect shadow recipe and color tale I thoroughly recommend these palettes.
The mattes are heavily pigmented buttery soft, and the glitter is just as beautiful.
I admire Huda Beauty for launching three iterations of nude palettes in order to
discourage individuals with darker complexions from paying for the bright colors they can not use. I think it helps to make the makeup a lot more holistic, which is necessary also.
However, I do think there might be people with a much darker skin tone who may also consider the rich palette to be on the lighter side, but I’m not the judge of that, of course, and can’t tell for sure.

Why It’s Cult

Every new arrival at Huda Beauty is more spellbinding than the previous and this series of heavily pigmented pale nude shades are no different. This Light Nude Obsessions palette brings together nine irresistible pans with creamy matte and duo-chrome shimmer finishes in mauve, peach and pink bronze shades for delicate and defined lid look, a dream come true for those Huda-holics who can’t squeeze their palettes into overstretched make-up bags (or those yet to sample their game-changing shadows).


Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Mini Sephora retail price RM 165 (USD $ 38).


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