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Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Hello girls, I think I have more shadows than I can ever finish, but From the moment I saw this palette I knew it was going to be mine, I mean, look at her, she’s gorgeous. I ‘m passionate about pastels and shamers and glitters, and this palette seemed to have everything.
Huda Beauty has been a brand I always liked but I wasn’t obsessed with it. I’ve bought the Mauve Obsessions palette and Wifey Liquid Lipstick before and liked them but that’s it.

Sephora has a huge range of products to choose from. There are rows of prestigious high-end brands on articles. Often this is a daunting decision! Particularly if you’re not especially searching for something. Other times, your eyes are zero on one item and only a single item-and you ‘re sure that the product is added to your basket.

huda beauty
This latter describes best my reaction to Huda Beauty’s Mercury retrograde eye shadow palette. From the motif to the audacious nature of the palette to the enticing range of colors it was no brainer. How do Does the pallet work? Was it worth that first-sight moment of love? Continue reading a YouTube video for first impressions along with a complete follow-up review and a finished look with the palette.

While many of the shadows have swung well, many don’t look good. Many colors just have so-called pigmentation when added. When you don’t use a wet brush or place it on your fingertips (I usually tend to use the brushes to shadow rather than my fingers, mostly for safety purposes but also to produce a more professional look), it would have a drastic impact on results. Frankly, I don’t want shadows to be used with my fingers to make them pay a dramatic amount.

My Makeup Look

Below is a makeup look that I created using the shade Off-balance in the crease, Libra all over the lid, and Momentum layered on top. Then there was a bit of Super-Moon underneath the brow bone and in the inner corner. On top of Libra, I used Mercury and tap with Nebula. The look turned out decently but this palette simply doesn’t pack the punch I hoped it would. It just goes to show: first impressions are well and good but a good makeup product can stand the test of time.

Huda Beauty bornaly mahadee

Huda Beauty


Both shades are medium to heavy in hue, are smooth and simple to blend. They didn’t fall down much, even the glitters are unreal. 


This is the kind of recipe you can’t mess up as it blends itself but the colors in the pan don’t look true to the lid ‘s colour. They are quieter in the brush, but they are much more pastelly once they are on their head. That’s not really a bad thing, but with my look I still find myself a little unsatisfied because I see it differently.


They are really deceiving, they are good, but mostly just on their side, so it’s a waste that you need to build up.


It is unreal.-It is crazy. Creamy, not at all chunky, just barely dropping.


RM 295 and if you are a Seporah member then its only RM 276.



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