ABH Norvina Collection By Bornaly Mahadee

ABH Norvina Collection Palette

Hello ladies, I will discuss the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Collection of Norvina in my article today. If you did not know that Norvina Claudia is Anastasia’s daughter, the artistic director and one of the brand founders. Following the success of the Norvina palette a year ago

they chose to produce a new pallet and lipstick kit. With 25 eyeshadows instead of 14, the palette is the first big palette for the brand.
Norvina Claudia
When the purple tin case opens, 25 pigments will be found. The buttery shimmers and matte mixes are impressive opacity and small repercussions on the surface. You can see high impact neon shades from the matt shades that you might have noticed that Instagram has taken over one of the biggest trends this summer.

The best part about using this palette is that its massive size allows for a mirror that is equally as large, making your view of your makeup application crystal clear.

The campaign for the entire Norvina collection is rolling out each day. It looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to create colorful eyes.


ABH Norvina Collection Palette online retail price in Malaysia RM 330 each.

Unlike older ABH palettes that are 14 pan and rectangular, the Norvina Volume 1 and 2 palettes are square with 25 shades (5 x 5).

On her Instagram stories, Norvina explained that any additional Norvina palettes that will be released in the future will be in the same format as this first Volume palette, so we know this one will be large and in charge!

I personally wish there wasn’t bright pinks or any orange in this palette – the warm tones are making it seem more rainbow to me than cool-toned. However, I still think it’s gorgeous! It just lacks a bit of a cohesive color story.


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